What to expect? How it works?

Step 1. We’ll send you an Intake Form

After you purchase one of the Social Media Specialist Services, you’ll start by filling out an intake form. The intake form has several questions about your business and your needs.

  • Fill out an intake form (Your Objectives, Your Business, Target Audience)
  • Upload any attachments you want to include
get things done

2. Social Media Pages Analysis

We’ll take a good look at your social media profiles to see what you’re doing great and what we can improve. Then, based on it we will start crafting the Client Brief.


3. Content Onboarding – Client Brief

We’ll work on crafting the best social media marketing strategy for you and we’ll pull together all the information we need to start creating content for you.

4. Designated Social Media Specialist

Once your Client Brief has been delivered, updated based on your feedback, and finalized, OutsourcedMarketer will assigned a dedicated Social Media Specialist to do the tasks for you. We’ll schedule a quick Zoom call so you can meet your Social Media Specialist face-to-face. Then your dedicated Social Media Specialist will get in touch with you to start collaborating on the weekly content we will be delivering.

5. The Content

The social media posts will incorporate different content ideas – about your business, holiday greetings, promotional, branded quotes, timely events, behind the scenes, educational. All based on your specific industry, needs and branding guidelines.

6. Sit back and Relax

Weekly you’ll receive new content from you designated social media specialist. You can just sit back and relax, we’ve got you covered.

Our plans & pricing are all-inclusive and fully transparent