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Should You Outsource Your Social Media For Your Small Business?

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Should You Outsource Your Social Media For Your Small Business?

Marketing on social media is an essential and powerful tool of marketing a business today, whatever the size and niche are. 

But for someone owning a small business, you’re likely running most of the operations and other duties to keep it running. Doing social media marketing on your own is time-consuming and it requires huge commitment you may not be fully prepared to take.

With that in mind, the question is, should you outsource your social media for your small business?

That depends. You’re the one who knows your business the most, so if someone can introduce your business to the social media world, it’s you.

But at the same time, social media marketing can drain your time, effort, and money, three luxuries that small businesses like you can’t risk losing much. 

To determine whether social media marketing outsourcing is the right choice for you, check out these five signs and situations. If you find yourself in these situations, then a social media VA is your next smart investment!

1. Your content creation duties take up more of your already-packed schedule.

Ask yourself: How frequently do you post or share something on your business’ FB page or Instagram feed?

Chances are, you only do when you’ve got some free time.

While that’s normal, it’s not good for your social media presence. Not only do you miss being consistent, but you might also end up sacrificing the quality of the content you share with your audience.

Social media content creation will need in-depth research and analysis. You’ll need to dedicate plenty of time to craft content that connects. 

Small businesses and startups don’t have the freedom of gambling time to research, create, and experiment on social media. If you want to make the most of your business, social media marketing outsourcing is the best for you.

2. You’re overwhelmed with the available platform choices.

Social media may have been a part of our lives for quite some time now, but using it for personal and business purposes are two different universes.

Every platform promises different results and available audiences for every business niches too. You could experiment and see which works best for you, but let’s face it: nobody has extra time and money for that. 

Experts like a social media VA have been diving deep down into this digital rabbit hole ever since platforms expanded for marketing purposes. If you want the shortcut to finding the platform that works best for your business, they’re the best people who can help.

3. You don’t want to waste time and money trying out a variety of social media management tools. 

There are a handful of reasons why social media marketing can be daunting and time-consuming for businesses. One of those could be that you’re not using the right tools or software to manage your content creation and publishing.

While trying every tool is a fun experience, it will take up a huge chunk of your time. For instance, if you’ve recently discovered Canva, an online designing platform, you’ll easily get consumed and overwhelmed with the hundreds of templates and possibilities available there!

When you invest in social media marketing outsourcing, you can skip this trial step. Social media VAs are well-versed with different social media tools. They know what and when to use each to produce the best content and monitor your online presence.

4. You have difficulty creating or sharing content that stays aligned with your brand.

It can be tempting to ride with every social media trend popping from time to time. After all, being viral is the best way for a small business to increase your likes or followers and attract more potential leads.

However, not everything popular fits in with a brand guideline of a business. You want to stay relevant and consistent to your target audience, you got to stay in the tone and personality you’ve set for your business. 

So unless you’re already familiar with how trends and brand guidelines work, it’s best to leave it to someone who knows the ins and outs of the business.

5. You want to onboard an expert to keep things cost-efficient.

Like with any business, trial-and-error is always the most expensive stage. You invest money in tools, platforms, and subscriptions, only to know they don’t provide the most fruitful results.

But with a social media expert’s help, you get years of knowledge on the field and professional insights on how to increase your social media game. No need to invest in tools and equipment you’re not even sure will work – they already got that covered.

You also get the final say on how many hours you only need a social media VA to work for you. This is convenient, especially if you’re still learning the ropes of this marketing avenue.

Social media marketing doesn’t have to be a pain in the neck.

And so does finding the right social media VA for your business. Outsourced Marketer can connect you with the right expert for your social media game.

Make the best investment for your small business. Contact us now to get started!

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